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An introduction to our financial support team

Meet our financial inclusion team. Here to help with free, one to one, advice on money.


It’s not easy to talk about money

Our financial inclusion team makes it as easy as possible and can help if you find it difficult to make ends meet.

Their specialised training means they can give you free, one-to-one support based on your situation. They can help with:

  • Spending and saving money
  • Claiming benefits
  • Filling in forms
  • Universal Credit journal updates

They will look at your financial situation and offer personalised options. You can have a one-off chat or a regular catch-up to help you keep on top of things.

And above all, they really care about helping people. Like Joshua, who is part of the financial inclusion team and enjoys helping customers every day. Meet Josh.

Get in touch

How to speak with our financial inclusion team

Join us on a live chat and ask to be referred to our financial inclusion team.

You can also call us or speak with your support working or housing manager.

How to speak with our financial inclusion team

Call us on 0345 141 4663 and ask to be referred to our financial inclusion team.

Or speak with your support worker or housing manager.


They really can help you manage your money

Over the past year, the team have helped thousands of customers with their finances.

  • 380 customers received additional lump sum payments of £1,413*
  • 900 customers increased their personal income by £4,368*
  • 330 customers received a grant payment of £347*

* on average

Find out how the team help customers, like Jacqueline and Ron.


Meet Josh

Josh has worked as a support worker in Home Group’s financial inclusion team since 2020.

I’ve been at Home Group since 2018 and work in the financial inclusion team, to maximise customers’ income.

Our wonderful award-winning team has helped so many customers improve their financial situation.

Over the past year, we’ve helped thousands of customers with their finances. 380 customers have received additional lump sum payments of £1,413 each on average, 900 customers have increased their personal income by £4,368 each on average and 330 customers have received a grant payment of £347 each on average.

I have had help before from similar services and it’s so important that our customers are given the correct support when it comes to their finances, I look forward to being able to go into work each day and provide this support.

I would recommend getting a referral to our team to any customer facing financial hardship.

I enjoy being able to help customers to a point where they are no longer facing financial worry.


Jacqueline and Ron's story

Jacqueline and Ron from Reading have been working with financial inclusion support worker, Michelle, for help with Universal Credit.

After working hard as a ward clerk for many years, Jacqueline had to reluctantly give up work due to chronic back pain in 2019.

As Ron was on a low wage at the time as a driver, the couple applied for Universal Credit to help them pay for bills but were refused

“We couldn’t believe it when we were told we weren’t entitled to any help. We were so disappointed that Universal Credit didn’t recognise a legitimate claim. We’ve worked our whole lives and when we needed financial help, it wasn't there.”

Michelle, one of Home Group's financial inclusion support workers, soon contacted the couple to offer support.

"Michelle is absolutely wonderful. She began fighting for us immediately, filled out the paperwork and kept pushing until we got results. Without her, we would have been homeless.”

The couple now have much more manageable bills, and Michelle continues to help with paperwork. And with their financial worries in hand, Ron has turned his attention to the local community.

“I became involved in collecting for food banks. We’ve also spent time fixing up the garden and started a "sit ‘n’ sip" initiative for the community where people can come and have tea, a biscuit and a good chat. There are a lot of lonely people with no outside space, so we wanted to open ours up. It’s been good to help others.”

“We honestly can’t say enough good things about Michelle, she’s been amazing – she’s a Home Group customer too and just completely understands our situation and has provided great support both financially and emotionally."

Talk to our financial inclusion team

Our advisors are trained to give free, one to one support, if you're worried about money. If you're struggling to pay your rent, looking for benefits advice or help with budgeting then give us a call. They can even help you find free clothing and interview coaching.

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